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Greg Cunningham

Who I am
I am a creative director who specializes in developing solutions to enhance and communicate ideas in a uniquely creative way. I have a proven track record of developing and designing campaign components to brand and promote a product, service or organization. I am able to enhance and execute client concepts and themes to effectively target specific markets and increase revenue streams. An effective problem-solver, I am known for finding cost-effective solutions—be it for print, web or multi-media. I am an extremely focused individual who is well-organized and can successfully manage multiple tasks simultaneously.

Greg Cunningham Graphic Design 2005 - Present
My personal portfolio includes several successful pieces for a diversified client base that includes:

• Functional Genetics, Inc.
• Itinerant Engineers
• Katherine Gillis Seidel, Novelist
• North Carolina Medical Society Alliance
• Patheon
• RTI Media
• Slate Pharmaceuticals
• Train of Thought Marketing
• Trovis Pharmaceuticals
• WakeMed Hospitals
• Zogenics, Inc.

Graphics Ink, August 2007 - February 2009

As Creative Director at Graphics Ink, I have successfully designed collateral for several marketing campaigns that have significantly increased revenue for our firm. Graphics Ink's client list contained many of the area's biggest names in the pharmaceutical, medical supply and crop sciences industries. These include:

I designed a comprehensive mail campaign for BASF in support or their corporate year-end sales staff meeting honoring their top salesmen. The campaign for their San Diego meeting included several dimensional mail pieces designed to reflect their “Top Gun”-themed award ceremony. Each mailer incorporated different themes from the weekend-long meeting. It was critical to maintain not only the “Top Gun” theme but the corporate BASF branding as well. (sample)

My designs have been instrumental in the campaign to launch the Familion family of genetic testing products. Familion testing helps determine a person's pre-disposition to certain types of heart conditions. The campaign included product logos, sales aids, promotional giveaways, display booth graphics, product packaging and slide kits. (sample)

Slate Pharmaceuticals
Slate Pharmaceuticals is the maker of Testopel, a testosterone treatment for men. This campaign launched with print collateral including sales aids, customized product folders, product tear sheets and display booth graphics. (sample)

Arbor Pharmaceuticals
This campaign supported the launch of Neotic, a pediatric ear infection medication. The components included product identity, as well as all of the Neotic’s commercial packaging. In addition to the support of the campaign launch, I also designed sales aids, brochures and other marketing collateral components to further support their marketing agenda. (sample)

In addition to the Neotic product campaign, I have also supported their existing products including Zinotic, Zinotic ES, Sinutest and their Respi-TANN family of products.

Teleflex Medical
I designed a marketing brochure to promoting products for Teleflex Medical’s Hudson RCI Respiratory Solutions division. Following strict Teleflex corporate design standards, I ensured the final product fit seamlessly into existing Teleflex marketing materials.

Allergy and Asthma Network, Mothers of Asthmatics 2003 - 2005
I created AANMA's internal graphics department from the ground up. I managed the requirements analysis and determined hardware and software needs, developed an intellectual property management system for easier access to existing marketing materials and was instrumental in helping AANMA streamline their workflow efficiency.

In addition to these management tasks, I developed a successful brand initiative for their marketing collateral. Prior to my arrival, AANMA relied heavily on freelance designers resulting in each marketing piece having its own distinct look. I redesigned several key marketing components and provided design oversight to the development of their web site, the quarterly magazine, Allergy & Asthma Today and various trade show exhibits and signage. The overall result was an organization immediately recognizable by the consistent use of their brand in their marketing and outreach materials.

American Management Systems, Inc. 1988 - 2002
During my tenure with AMS, my responsibilities grew from production artist to art director. As art director, I was responsible for the day-to-day operations of twelve designers and workflow management of over 250 concurrent print, web, and multimedia design projects each month. I also contributed my artistic talents to several successful corporate-wide marketing campaigns and branding initiatives.

George Mason University 2000
Bachelors of Individualized Studies (BIS) in Business Applications of Graphic Design. This four year, multi-disciplined degree program combined instruction in graphic design, photography, marketing and business.

Wake Technical Community College 2005, 2006
Continuing education in Adobe Dreamweaver and Flash

I am equally proficient with Macintosh OSX and Windows-based environments. My software expertise is consistent and up-to-date with industry standards.

• Macintosh/Windows-based computers
• Flatbed scanners
• Digital cameras
• Traditional film cameras
• Xerox Docucolor/Docutech
• Sheet-fed offset printing
• Web presses

• Adobe Acrobat/Distiller 9.0
• Adobe Illustrator CS3, CS4
• Adobe InDesign CS3, CS4
• Adobe Photoshop CS3, CS4
• Adobe Dreamweaver CS3, CS4
• Adobe Flash CS3, CS4
• Microsoft Office 2007 Suite
• QuarkXpress 7.0